The Sound of the Northwest Members

Lisa Allen Cora L. Jackson Marty Phillips
Jeremiah Beckwith Nancy Landon Dan Williams
Nicholas Bellotto Ron Landon Leonard Williams
Vanessa Bruce Kenya Leger Vera Williams
Eleanor Goodall Martha Nash Bob Wilson
Anthony Hopkins Shirley M. Neal Shirley Young
Doris Huey-Ray Molly Pere
Juan Huey-Ray Charlene Peyton



he Sound of the Northwest is a group of singers from the Greater Seattle area who have come together to share with others the joy music brings to their lives. The Sound is directed by its founder, Juan Huey-Ray and made its debut in 1987 at the 4th Annual Convention of the Inter-national Association of Minister s Wives and Widows, Incorporated.

Since then, The Sound has participated in several special events including the Friendship Concert  with the Vladimir Chamber Chorus of Russia and the Seattle Peace Chorus; An African-American Song Celebration  with the Concord Choir of Portland, Oregon conducted by Ysaye Barnwell of Sweet Honey in the Rock, The Sound s Tenth Anniversary Concert also conducted by Ms. Barnwell, and A Concert of Sacred Music by Duke Ellington  with the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra. Christmas with The Sound  is a collection of a cappella spirituals recorded in 1992.

A remarkable group of talented performers, they are dedicated to increasing the universal awareness and appreciation of the rich African American musical heritage. The Sound s programs are inspirational, varied, entertaining and we promise to evoke an emotional experience.


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