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elcome to the home (page) of The Sound of the Northwest!  Here, we serve some of the best “soul food” (choral music) you will find anywhere.  Since 1987, The Sound has been presenting a menu designed to satisfy your appetite for a cuisine of exquisite harmonies and exciting rhythms.It is rich with nutrients that will bring a clap to the hands, a stomp to the feet, and joy to the heart!!!

The main course is the Negro Spiritual which has sustained many a generation through times and circumstances when hope and faith were the only source of comfort and relief.   Our repertoire includes treats from internationally-recognized master chefs like Burleigh, Dett, Hogan, and Moore.   We specialize in the unique offerings of Barnwell, Carter, Hairston, Morris, and others.   The menu is topped off with desserts from the godfather, Work, and newcomer, Lett.

So, if you’re looking for good barbecue, you are at the wrong site!  However, the next time you want some real soul food, check our calendar for our “open hours” (performances); call to order our catering and delivery services (customized programs); or go to our “deli” (our store) to purchase one of our “carry-outs” (our CDs).   Again, we welcome you to the home of good food for the soul.  We are honored that you stopped by and we hope you will become a regular patron and/or sponsor!

Juan Huey-Ray

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