Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization promoting arts and cultural events that revive valuable lessons from a rich African American heritage which can be used to inform and improve the quality of life for all peoples in the present and future

Our Vision

Cultural Pursuits envisions a world in which people of every nation and tongue can find a spiritual connection that encourages love and peace.  We believe the music of the enslaved Africans in America is a proven catalyst for soothing the soul.  The Negro Spiritual in particular demonstrates the indomitable nature of the human spirit.  And, we are convinced that an increased awareness and understanding of the rich African American cultural heritage will enhance the quality of life for all today.

Where We Have Been

In 2004, we launched an ambitious project to record a collection of Negro Spirituals based on the themes of Faith, Love, and Hope.  So far, our community chorus (The Sound of the Northwest) has successfully produced Two CD recordings of spiritual arrangements and compositions of songs in the spiritual style; all written or arranged by African Americans. 

"Faith" offers works by past and contemporary giants such as H.T. Burleigh, William Dawson, Jester Hairston, Moses Hogan, and Undine S. Moore.

"The Gift: Love, Part 1" introduces a unique collection of spirituals and songs on the Christmas theme – God, the Father, so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.  This second group of composers/arrangers adds more genre giants including Roland Carter, Willis L. James, Noah Ryder, Andre Thomas, and John Work.

Next is “The Gift: Love, Part 2” which will explore the Easter theme – God, the Son, loved the world so much that He gave His life for the redemption of mankind and rose from the grave so that mankind would have the right to eternal life. This recording will introduce yet another group of composers and may include selections from the gospel genre.

Future Events

Cultural Pursuits is designing an educational program based on the Negro Spiritual.  The study of this music can provide introduction into many disciplines including, but not limited to math, linguistics, history and psychology.  The program is intended to prepare and enable children from underserved communities to become whole, well-rounded and grounded individuals who will be RAW (ready, able, and willing) leaders and contributors in the new pluralistic society and world they will inherit.


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